Spa Center

For the unforgettable stay of our guests, AquaView has an elegant and spacious Spa center with:
⚜ Finnish sauna
⚜ jacuzzi
⚜ infrared sauna
⚜ steam bath
⚜ massage room
⚜ relaxation area

VIP SPA apartment is for those looking for luxury experience and features a Finnish sauna, a steam bath,
hot tub and relax hammam. Exclusive use, no other visitors.

As part of a healthy lifestyle, Spa therapy can provide a relaxing way to relieve stress and achieve relaxation. The top Spa benefits for physical and mental health include:
♦ strengthens the immune system
♦ rejuvenates the skin, stimulates natural regeneration
♦ contributes to the release of accumulated toxins
♦ reduces pain and muscle tension
♦ acts therapeutically on joint inflammations
♦ intensively stimulates processes in the body
♦ significantly improves the sleep quality
♦ reduces stress and relaxes the mind